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Coast to Coast by Kutsal & Lukas

In 2011, Kutsal had a blast with his buddy Lukas. Our task was to provide for both a coast to coast tour at an affordable price. The tour should last up to 3 weeks. Said and done. In September 2011, the two flew to New York. From there, they drove in a SUV via Chicago, Route 66 and Grand Canyon to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, the vehicle change was in order. The SUV was swapped to a Chevy Camaro SS. With muscle-car power they went via Death Valley and Yosemite National Park to San Francisco.
In San Francisco, there was the largest get-together party of E.A.T. outside Germany. Kutsal & Lukas met not only with us but with other clients who were at the same time in San Francisco. At Pier 39, there was a small celebration party at the legendary Wipeout. On Higway 1 along they went to meet the target – Los Angeles.