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Posted at October 9, 2013

Entry requirements for the US

As rule of thumb: citizens of countries participating in the Visa-Waiver-Program (VWP – program for cancellation of visa requirement) of the USA may in general enter the USA for 90 days as tourists, business travellers or for transit.
Therefore a machine-readable passport referring to the regulations is required (issued before October 26th 2006), or an e-passport. Furthermore it is necessary to enter the country via a regular airline or shipping line, with a return ticket or connection flight ticket, which may not end in (except for people with a permanent residence) Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. Additionally an electronic ESTA visa is required.


Airlines are obliged to spurn travellers without a valid ESTA visa at the check-in. 


The green I-94 W forms, so far to be filled in during the flight before entering the country are no longer in use since end of summer 2010. Only a few airlines still use these forms.