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Posted at July 15, 2014

New security regulations for clients travelling to the US, UK and globally!

Important announcement regarding new security regulations for clients travelling to the US, UK and globally

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has advised of additional security procedures for travellers flying into the United States. The new security regulations have been put in place at airports globally with direct flights to the US. Local airports within the UK have increased security measures on some non US routes as well both in and out of the UK.

Travellers with electronically powered devices such as mobile telephones, tablets, laptops and e-books, may be required to turn their devices on in front of airport security in order to demonstrate the item’s functionality. For fear of explosive devices instead of batteries could hide within mobile devices, security officials at airports for all US flights may check the functionality of the mobile devices in the future.

If the equipment does not turn on when asked, for example if the device has a flat battery or is broken, passengers may have their devices seized by airport security or they may not be allowed to travel on their flight.

This is a developing situation as airports globally respond to these new security regulations. Please contact your local airport for further information before travelling.

Who does this affect?
The new security measures affect all travellers flying to the US, and some non US routes to and from the UK. Travellers must be prepared to have their devices searched.

What should I do?
Please ensure all electronically or battery powered items are fully powered before you arrive at the airport.
If you are travelling to the US on a transfer flight, particularly if you are travelling long-haul, please use your battery sparingly on the first part of your journey.
Do not carry any broken devices in your hand luggage as you may not be allowed to travel.

What happens if my device has no power?
You will not be able to place any devices in hand or hold luggage, the device will either have to be left behind for collection on your return, forwarded to an address of your choice, or you will have to rebook an alternative flight.
There will be limited facilities at airports to charge your device from so please do all you can to ensure your device is fully powered before arriving at the airport.