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Route 66 – Friendship Ride

The hottest and most exciting tour of my life took place in April 2013. The Mission – Chicago via Route 66, or what’s left of it, to San Francisco in 8 days.
We knew that it would be hard, but what we experienced, rather have survived, have exceeded our expectations by far. Already on the fourth day we had to cancel our day trip just after 70 miles due to a violent thunderstorm. Had we not had the Camara team behind us in a van nobody would believe it today how the lightning have struck the left and right of us. The next day we had to drive 900 km.
Everything went according to plan until shortly before Barstow. At about 21:00 clock and only 16 miles from our destination, we drove into a sand storn, which should last until the next day. The Camara team was once again our rescue and we reached on schedule and on Harleys our goal, San Francisco!