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June' 17

West Coast Explorer by Michaela & Frank

With the Harley through the USA, this long cherished dream we wanted to meet this year.

Erik and Dragos from “Eagle Adventure Tours” helped us “USA-Greenhorns” to plan a wonderful route: 

16 days through the West of the US, 12 days and over 2000 miles “on the road” – a dream!

With lots of excitement but a good feeling – after all, our tour planners had prepared everything well – we started in San Francisco. Via Highway No.1 to Monterey, Santa Barbara and the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Monica. Via the Los Angeles Crest Highway to Route 66 to Barstow, and via Hackberry, Kingman and Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. From there to Page, the Antelope Canyon. Through the land of the Navajo Indians, to Zion National Park, and through the Valley of Fire to Las Vegas.  The next morning we started In Las Vegas, heading Bishop via Death Valley and the Sierra Nevada. The next day we had to make a big detour due to the fact that the Tioga Pass was closed. By the end of the day we arrived in Mariposa – Yosemite National Park. The final stage brought us back to our starting point San Francisco!

Unfortunately, Murphy had his fingers in the air: a landslide on Highway No.1, fortunately, only a small accident in Santa Monica, the Highway Police Police, a blinking control light, a “short” motorcycle exchange, a blocked pass over the Sierra Nevada, the one or the other too busy hour on the bike, made the holiday then a real adventure for us – “Adventure Tours” lets greet – or as Erik told me on one of our phone calls: you both take synonymous Really everything with.

What remains after such an equally as exhausting as wonderful vacation left?

Two happy faces at “Pier 39” in San Francisco, on returning to the end of 3000 jointly driven miles! The certainty that it was right to make the tour only for two. An unbelievable amount of pictures, experiences and impressions in the head, which only gradually become so and will remind us of this holiday forever. The desire and hope to make such a beautiful event maybe even more, perhaps less exciting, and the need for the perfect planning of the tour, with the roadbook, the many tips, the reservations of the hotels and above all for the friendly care , a big thank you to Dragos and Erik to say!